Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to Faye's ASET Education Blog!

This blog replaces my newsletter column.  And the best thing about this is, that now I can post entries more often, whenever I have news to share with you!  I will be announcing new posts on Twitter.  Anyone who finds the ASET website will be able to read the ASET Education blog, not just current members of ASET.  This is important because so many technologists are just looking for information and advice, and they come to ASET.  I am hoping that once they find out how much ASET has to offer, they will become members.

News of the week:  I have finalized the ASET 2011 Annual Conference Program!  The Program Committee and Course Directors have been working with me since January to make this happen!  We have some very new and exciting topics this year!  The conference brochure will be mailed out in April.