Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ABRET and ASET: Exams and Education: Who does what?

I get many calls and e-mail messages from technologists who ask me for information about taking the ABRET exams, and the re-certification process for the R. EEG T., R. EP T., CLTM and CNIM credentials.  I know that there is some confusion out there regarding who does what, and a common misconception that ASET administers the exam, or sets the policies regarding these credentials.  So, this week, I am going to try to provide some clarification.

ASET does not administer the exam, although I try to keep up with current information regarding the exam process, and I try to provide basic information to those who contact me with questions.   If you wish to read about the exam content, eligibility criteria, exam dates, locations, deadlines and fees, please visit the ABRET website at www.abret.org.  ASET does not have the authority to determine which educational content will be accepted for re-certification of the ABRET credentials.  If you have concerns that some of the continuing education you have attended may not be acceptable for re-certification, please contact ABRET directly for clarification.

It is also important to note that ASET does not automatically send your ACE credit transcript to ABRET.  So, as your recertification date approaches, you must go to the ABRET website, and select the appropriate recertification form, fill it out, and send it in by Dec. 31, of the year in which your registry expires.

So, what does ASET do for you?  ASET provides educational resources to help you prepare for various credentials and to accrue the hours of continuing education you need to re-certify.  We have a full on-line EEG curriculum, which is designed to serve as continuing education for entry level technologists who may be preparing to take the EEG registry exam.  The last course in this curriculum, EEG112, is a Board Prep Resource course that includes a large data base of practice exam questions. To visit our on-line learning portal, click here.
Every year, we also host two classroom seminars on EEG topics.  These two-day courses have workshops to help you build confidence by learning technical skills in a small group setting, with opportunities to ask questions and customize your education.
For those renewing a credential, you may take the Journal quizzes on-line, sign up for ASET webinars, and attend our Annual Conference or Seminar courses.

Please contact me at faye@aset.org if you would like more information about ASET and our educational resources.