Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to deliver quality care to patients with epilepsy:

That is a quest that we can all share.

For the first time ever, ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society will be hosting a one-day course at the 2013 American Epilepsy Society meeting in Washington D.C.  The date of the course is Sunday, December 8th.  The course title is:  "Making an LTM/ICU Monitoring Program Work:  Technical Aspects"

This course is designed to be of interest to anyone who is involved in the planning and operation of a comprehensive epilepsy program, long term monitoring program, or an ICU continuous EEG program.  Physicians, fellows, residents, nurses and technologists are invited to attend.  When designing this course, I felt that there are some skills that we have built upon over the years, that have become our niche within the epilepsy care team, and we now have the opportunity to share this information with other caregivers.   Subjects we will be covering include:
·        How to configure a LTME unit, including equipment, networking for remote access and other design details to optimize the function of the unit, and ensure that files can be accessed by staff 24 hours a day, to allow for rapid interpretation and intervention when needed.
·        How to build quality improvement and daily communication into your patient care model to ensure patient safety and a customized LTME admission for each patient.  This will enhance your chances of capturing essential data as quickly as possible, to reduce prolonged admissions, which are difficult for the patient to endure and costly.  We will also discuss how to address the patient’s comfort, support and cultural needs throughout the admission.
·        Addressing concerns about skin breakdown during prolonged recording, selecting the optimal electrodes and application methods, determining how to edit files for review and archiving.
·        How to conduct a seizure assessment that will reveal essential information and assess loss of specific functions during an event, taking into consideration unique factors for each patient: cognitive ability, disabilities, language and cultural issues.
·        How to build a continuous EEG monitoring program for an ICU – equipment, staffing, enabling a variety of caregivers to assess the ongoing recording to determine the need for urgent intervention using innovative staffing models, trending software, and remote access to data.
We are able to offer this course for a flat rate registration fee of $120.  You do not have to register for the entire AES conference to attend this course.  We will accept registrations throughout the next month and even on-site.  You may read about this course complete the registration process via the  ASET website, at this link: ASET AES Course registration

There is no hotel room block associated with this course.  I suggest that you visit travel websites to seek the best price on a room, and keep in mind that this course is being held at the Washington D.C. Convention Center, with easy access to the Metro transit system, so you may be able to find reasonably priced accommodations a bit further away from the convention center.

I am really excited about this course.  I hope to see you there!