Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scholarships still available! You have a chance of getting one!

     ASET has several scholarships available for the ASET annual conference.  There is an April 27 deadline to submit an application and I encourage anyone who would like to attend, but does not have funding, to fill out an application.  I am always amazed at how few ASET members actually do take advantage of this opportunity! Techs at all levels of their career are considered equally for this scholarship.  Because so few people apply, you have a very good chance of winning!   Also, a reminder to students:  The John Archibald Student Scholarship has an April 25th deadline, and this scholarship awards $400 cash toward travel expenses as well as a 4-day registration!

    The ASET 2011 Conference Brochure will be mailing out soon, and the conference schedule is now posted on our website.

    We are seeking nominations for the Theda Sannit Outstanding Educator award.  Please check our website for more information.  There is a May 15th deadline for submitting a nomination.  Please check the ASET website for instructions.

     I just returned from the Charles E. Henry Society's annual conference, in the Finger lakes region of N.Y. state.  I was invited to give the Lewis Kull Keynote address for this organization, and since Lew was a dear personal friend of mine, I was very honored.  This group worked very hard, and hosted a fantastic meeting in a very pretty location. 

     Last month, I traveled to Houston, for the ASET Spring Seminar Courses.  Our host was Texas Children's Hospital, which has a very beautiful conference facility.  All of the staff there, and all those who served as faculty really extended themselves, and their "Southern Hospitality" to make this a very successful meeting.  Our attendance was very good, and response to the courses was overwhelmingly positive.  My thanks goes to Rob Patterson, and all the techs who helped us throughout the weekend!