Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Future of Neurodiagnostics: ASET 2013 Keynote Address

So, our 2013 ASET Annual Conference in Reno kicked off with our Lewis Kull Memorial Keynote Address, given by Fred Lenhoff, who is with the AMA and on the Board of Directors for the Health Professions Network.  The title of his talk was  “The Future of the Health Care Workforce in America: Is it Supercalifragilistic Neurodiagnostic?”
He is a very animated and energetic speaker, and he used a new presentation software called “Prezi” that had a lot more motion than PowerPoint.  I plan on learning to use Prezi myself since it really livens up the visuals during a presentation!  He provided a broad overview of the status of health care in America and how allied health care fits in, and how it will likely fare in the future.  Here is a link to his Prezi to view some of the facts from his talk.  Just use the forward arrow to move through the presentation.
He actually composed two songs for this presentation.  One was a rap song and the other was sung to the tune from Mary Poppins, “Supercalifragilisticexpealidosious”.   Just for fun, I have included the lyrics here.  I will be back with more substantial content soon.  I have lots of information to share with you since the annual conference, but I am tallying conference attendee evaluations right now, I am a bit busy right now!

Rap Song:
Electro neuro diagnostic
Just saying this phrase gets me all exhausted.
Neurodiagnostics is somewhat an improvement,
but I need more than than that if I'm gonna be grooving
with this brain field, I'm a dude not a brainiac,
Do y'all electrocute peeps in the cranium? That's wack!
I ain't no maniac, don't wanna do no lobotomy,
just starting out on my work-life odyssey.
And y'all, it's odd to see a field so fertile
with a name like something from Yertle the Turtle.
Dr. Seuss could've used some of these here semantics,
but in real life it comes across a wee bit pedantic.
Don't get frantic, this field's got potential,
it may be evoked (that's a joke), see, I get mental
when I get challenged, and the brain is the real deal,
lemme close to let you know y'all got job appeal.
(My note:  He was illustrating the difficulty with terms for our profession)

And Supercalifragilistic Neurodiagnostic:

Supercalifragilistic neurodiagnostic
when you're in this field you're used to verbal acrobotics.
EEG and LTM and CPT my goodness
37 dogs and then 4 cats you've got a mess, miss! (My note: he is referring to an abstract from our program).
Anesthesia aneuyrsm epilectic seizures,
nerve conduction neurologic metabolic features
Neuro ICU and polygraphic channel overlays,
magneto encephalo graphy i'd never ix-nay

Supercalifragilistic neurodiagnostic
when you're in this field you're used to verbal acrobotics.
I'm not Mary Poppins or a vonTrapp family member,
but I got a few words that I sure hope you will remember.

We got more modalities than you could shake a stick at.
We evoke potential, we could educate a dead rat.
We're an “asset” to our doctors, they would choose no other,
our patient care is tops we treat each one just like our mothers.

Supercalifragilistic neurodiagnostic
when you're in this field you're used to verbal acrobotics.
This tune is done, I'll shut up now, but first let me assure y'all,
I'm glad we've had this time together, now it's sayanora!