Thursday, April 14, 2016

Deadlines are pending! Neurodiagnostic practitioners: do not miss these opportunities

First up!  ASET members can still apply for a scholarship to attend the annual conference in Pittsburgh this summer!  This year’s program is REALLY great and will be inspirational!  The deadline for applications is May 18th!  Use this link to find scholarship applications for the conference:
An Urgent Notice:  Platform Abstracts needed! 
I think that most people are not aware of the benefits of presenting an abstract at the ASET annual conference, and are not sure of how to go about submitting an abstract application.  I am actively seeking abstracts for presentation at the ASET 2016 annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA.  The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to April 18 and you can access the abstract application here:  You may download and print an abstract form to fill out, or simply use our on-line abstract application option directly from our website:  ASET Abstract Application
We need both platform abstract presentations for our 2015 annual conference program.  This means you will be presenting from the podium on Aug. 18 or 19th.    So, what is in it for you?
1)            Free meeting registration for the day on which you present your abstract.  This represents a significant savings on meeting expenses!
2)            The opportunity to share knowledge that you have with other neurodiagnostic practitioners in a friendly and supportive environment, and to gain confidence in giving a presentation!  Since the podium abstracts slots are 30 minutes long, including time for questions, this is an ideal way to start speaking in public.
  3)          The opportunity to be a published author!  All abstracts that are presented are published in the December issue of “The Neurodiagnostic Journal”, and subsequently are listed in the PubMed database.
FAQs about abstract presentations:
Q: What kind of topics can I present as an abstract?
A: Almost anything!  We have a history of very diverse subject matter presented as abstracts over the years.  Most people think that this has to be a very scientific research paper.  While that is something we like to include in the abstract program, that is not the only kind of abstract that we accept.  If you are doing a new, cutting edge procedure, you can share that!  If you have a fascinating case history, rare disease case, odd set of artifacts, you can present that!  If you have a successful management technique, you can present that too!  We have had very interesting abstract presentations from technologists who have traveled to third-world countries to volunteer their services!  We have included presentations on veterinary neurodiagnostics!  So, think about what you have done and come up with an abstract for us!
Q: How do I request time to present an abstract?
A: There is an abstract application form on the ASET website, please just go to the “meetings” tab + annual conference + abstract and poster presentations + Download 2016 Abstract Application, or print the abstract form, complete it and fax it to me or scan it and e-mail it to me.  In addition to the application form, you must also submit the 100-200 word synopsis of your abstract subject matter.  A Word document is fine.  This is what will be published in the ASET Journal and printed in the final program for the annual conference.

 Please also note that on our website you can also access tips on how to do prepare an abstract presentation.
Q:  When will I find out if my abstract is accepted?
A: I will send out acceptance notices the first week in May.  The ASET Program Committee will review all abstract applications starting on April 20th . I will contact everyone who submitted an abstract.  I will schedule a time for each podium abstract presentation at that time, and will include that in my notice to you.  You do not have to prepare a handout for an abstract, or submit the slides in advance. 
Q:  What happens on the day of the abstract presentation?
For platform abstracts, we ask that you bring your PowerPoint file with you on a flash drive and pre-load the file on the ASET laptop in the meeting room prior to your presentation, preferably before the meeting begins, during a break or during lunch  We will introduce you at the beginning of your assigned time slot.  We will let you know when you are within 5 minutes of the end of your time slot, so that you can take questions from the audience.  No handouts are required.