Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Education and Neurodiagnostic Technology

A quote from my daily calendar:  “A good education can change anyone, but a good teacher can change everything.”
That is so true!  Can you recall a favorite teacher in grade school or high school that inspired you to learn?  Or one that saw a talent in you and helped you develop a skill?  I can recall a high school English teacher that made creative writing into a fascinating challenge, and who instilled in me a love of writing. 
The opportunity to teach is a precious gift, because even though you give of yourself as you teach, it is very rewarding to see students build skills, understand concepts and gain confidence.
So why don’t you consider working with students as a clinical site instructor?  Our schools are struggling to find enough clinical sites to accommodate all the students that they would like to accept into their Neurodiagnostic Technology Programs.  One of our Distance Education programs turned away 25 potential students last year because they could not connect with labs able to serve as clinical sites!
There is still a nation-wide shortage of skilled technologists in our field.  ASET is committed to helping to fill this gap by supporting formal education.  Please help us out and consider becoming a clinical site!

Here is a link to the flyer and clinical site questionnaire on the ASET website: Clinical Site Form
Please fill this out and send the form back to me.  This will allow me to add your lab to the ASET clinical site database.  I do not make this list or your contact information public.  I will provide information about labs in a specific area only to a Neurodiagnostic Program Director who is requesting help to place a student.  Since the distance education programs must serve students enrolled anywhere in the USA the demand for clinical sites can be anywhere!

If a student is a good match for your lab, the college will execute a contract with the legal department of your hospital.  This step is necessary to ensure that the student and the hospital are both covered in case of injury, illness, etc. 
If you have any questions about this please contact me directly:  faye@aset.org  I would be pleased to chat with you as well, just request that I call you!