Monday, October 10, 2011

Brain Games – Educational Series on the National Geographic Channel

On October 9th, the National Geographic Channel broadcast a series of three documentaries about brain function, and the ways in which the brain can be fooled by its own sensory perception.  The information was fascinating, and the demonstrations and examples were really great!  There were many “tests” that viewers could take, while watching the show, that will prove exactly how the brain does not always process information correctly.  How could I miss a giant rabbit in the back of a crowd?? But I did!  In addition, they included some great graphics of Neuroanatomy, to explain various cognitive functions.  I would highly recommend this series just for general interest, but especially to Program Directors, who are looking for fascinating assignments for their students, to keep their interest!  The series is available for viewing via the National Geographic Channel website, and probably on-demand, depending upon your cable provider.  At the website, you can also find some interactive programs, to test memory, and show where various functions are controlled within the brain.  The three episodes covered visual and auditory processing; focus and attention; and memory.  Great stuff!  The picture below is on the National Geographic website, an example of  artistic visual representation of the brain.