Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Intra-operative monitoring technique will revolutionize the use of MEPs

This ASET webinar takes place tomorrow, Wed. January 18, at noon central time.   The presenter is Dr. Ernesto Lima.  The topic is “"Linked Quadri-Polar MEP Stimulation for Minimizing Body Movement" This webinar will be recorded and made available for purchase for those of you who cannot participate tomorrow.  The cost of the webinar is $25 for ASET members and $40 for non-members.  There will be one ASET CEU awarded for the webinar, when participants purchase and complete the webinar quiz.

To register for the live event follow directions on the ASET website: ASET webinar information

Check our website under “recorded webinars” early next week to purchase the recorded version.

Dr. Lima first presented this topic as an abstract at the ASET 2016 Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.  There was quite a buzz in the room with lots of questions and positive comments about the technique he explained, and attendees crowded around him after his presentation to talk more about this new technique.  This is quite revolutionary and may change the way you do MEPs in the O.R.

He will describe a new way to link electrodes to obtain a more generalized spread of the current during stimulation.  This will allow you to do more frequent MEPs without objection from the surgeon who does not appreciate the distraction caused by frequent relocation of stimulating electrodes.   Now you can do MEPs even during intradural tumor resection and do it safely with little to no movement using the linked Quadripolar technique.  Listen to Dr. Lima's presentation a find out how.  Hint - head measurement is key.