Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why you should come to Atlanta for the ASET 2011 Annual Conference!

Five reasons to come to Atlanta for the ASET Annual Conference:
1)     To be inspired by our Keynote address on the futuristic inventions the military is developing using EEG and enhancing brain function.

2)    To hear our Ellen Grass Lecturer, from the CDC, discuss neurological diseases that are emerging globally.

3)    To hear our Kathy Mears Lecturer, Elizabeth Mullikin, explain how the upcoming health care reform will affect YOU!

4)    To hear about the wonderful work of the canine assistant, the seizure response dog.

5)    To listen to a variety of short abstracts about many new discoveries and practices in neurodiagnostics, and view posters filled with information that will intrigue you. 

Six great lectures from our course program:
1)    Safety Standards in the EMU – we are fortunate to have Jan Buelow, Ph.D., R.N. on the program, as she is nationally recognized for her work with epilepsy.  Patient safety and quality of care are our highest priorities, and this talk will ensure that your patients will be safer while on your monitoring unit!

2)    Interactive Workshop, Trouble-shooting in the O.R.  -  Kimberly Ellis and Brett Netherton will keep you on your toes with this dynamic workshop.  You will learn a lot and love every minute of it!

3)    The Vestibular System and VNG testing – Emily Murphy works in the most advanced vestibular lab in the world!  See how high tech this testing has become!

4)    Infection control for Neurodiagnostic Technologists – With the epidemic of hospital-based infections, it is important to stay current on infection control recommendations! Robyn Selawski has the latest information to share with you!

5)    First contact with Leadership Skills – Dorothy Gaiter and T.J. Amdurs will tell you why you need to build your leadership skills now, to ensure that you will be essential to your department as health care form changes our work environment.

6)    Panel Discussion – IONM Oversight and Supervision Issues – This lively discussion may not provide all the answers but you can bet it pose all the questions!  What are our roles??  Who should provide supervision, and from how far away?? What should we do when we encounter a problem during an O.R. case??  How can we best keep our patients from injury?

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