Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I couldn’t be happier with the 2011 ASET Annual Conference!

I just finished tallying all the participant evaluation scores for the 2011 conference in Atlanta.  I am just thrilled with all the glowing comments and positive scores that all the speakers on our program received.  While at the conference, many attendees took a moment to come up to me with a compliment, and this is what makes my job so rewarding!  There was so much positive energy around this event, and everyone seemed eager to be involved and enjoy the program.

In the general session, the Keynote Address, given by a DARPA researcher, gave us an amazing overview of futuristic military projects that use advanced EEG applications.  We had over 100 people in attendance at some course sessions, especially IONM, LTM and EEG lectures.  The outstanding favorite was the lecture on EEG patterns seen in the ICU, given by Dr. Suzette LaRoche, from Emory in Atlanta.  She drew 135 people to hear her presentation and got a 5.0 score from her audience!  Our first ever Synapse Bowl was a big success!  Three teams competed:  the "Dixie Dendrites" from the Southern Society, the "Education-ators" from our training programs and the "Rock the BOT" team, from the ASET Board of Trustees.  There was a great deal of laughter and fun, as “Judge Judy” ruled on the answers.  Our M.Cs, Scott Blodgett and Pat Trudeau, kept up a lively banter.  Based on the overwhelming positive response, we will bring the Synapse Bowl to our 2012 Annual Conference in Saint Paul, MN for sure!

The Exhibit Hall reception was populated by aliens from various planets in the universe.  The picture to the right shows Lucy, as E.T. with me, as a “Gastronaut” with attendee Liliana Petrova.

As soon as I returned from Atlanta, it was on to finalizing details for the ASET Fall Seminars in Seattle, scheduled for Sept. 24 & 25.  We are offering an intermediate EEG course and an intermediate to advanced LTM course.  ASET is trying to expand our audience with these courses.  The EEG course is approved by the BRPT for continuing education toward recertification of the RPSGT credential.  The LTM course has nursing breakout sessions and we have applied for nursing CEUs as well.  This makes sense to me, as I hear from nurses who need an in-depth course in LTM when they work closely with us to care for epilepsy patients.  You can still register to attend!  Please click here for additional attendee information and to register.

On another note, ASET has recently submitted an application to have some of our on-line EEG courses approved for continuing education for EEG Biofeedback providers.  We’ll keep you posted when we do get approval.

To all of you who attended the conference in Atlanta:  Thank You SO Much!  I really appreciate your input and suggestions!  I am working on our next annual conference already, so please be thinking of an abstract you might like to present, and if you would like to serve as faculty, please contact me!

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