Monday, July 16, 2012

Brain Surge TCD, ICU, IONM!!

How cool is this??  A ride just for neurodiagnostic technologists!  This ride is at the Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe, just a 15 minute ride away from the ASET Annual Conference in St. Paul, MN.
So, if you are coming to this year’s annual conference, and you are looking for a fun way to spend an evening, here is something fun to do!   I’ll be part of a group going out to ride on the Brain surge before the start of our conference which I just over two weeks away!  I could not resist the opportunity for the photo-op of having all the riders being technologists with brain T-shirts on!  There is a full amusement park in this mall, with roller coasters, in addition to a wide variety of stores and restaurants.
Other attractions not to miss at this annual conference are some of our specialty workshops!
On Thursday, Aug. 2nd, in the ICU Course, we have an interactive workshop on EEG Trending software.  If you can bring your laptop to this workshop, you will be given a flash drive with trending software so that you can view and manipulate EEG samples in a live action exercise with the workshop facilitators.
On Friday, our Sundown Seminars include a really special IONM workshop!  We’ll have a surgeon and neurophysiologist Ph.D,CNIM on hand to demonstrate minimally invasive techniques.  They will be using surgical training simulators, which allow you to view a surgical field of the spine during the workshop.
We also have a really great workshop on TCD!  We have two excellent facilitators and two TCD work stations for hands-on practice.  This will be an ideal follow-up to the ICU course lecture on Thursday, on the topic of using TCD in the ICU.  This workshop will also be excellent for those who use TCD in IONM.
We also have two evening social events this year: the Thursday evening exhibit hall reception and the Saturday evening chartered riverboat cruise!  The entire riverboat has been reserved for ASET conference attendees and their guests.  We have well over 100 attendees signed up, so this promises to be a really wonderful get-together! 
This is likely to be my last blog entry before I travel to St. Paul, so I look forward to seeing you there!  It is not too late to register for this meeting!  Don’t miss a great program and great fun!

If you are involved in ASET’s Alternative Reality Game, Fantastic Neuro-Voyage, please view on of my last two posts to read last month’s clue!

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