Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brain gifts to share with you… Merry Christmas!

I am preparing for the Christmas Holiday, and the ASET Education office will be closed from Friday, December 21 through next Wednesday.  I will be back in my office on Thursday, Dec. 27th for the rest of that week.  I thought I would cheer you all up with some delightful brain-themed gifts!

How about this great, hand-made brain hat?  This was made by one of Debby Ferguson’s students for her.  She runs the NDT Program at the Indiana University.

 For the music lovers on your list:  “Brain Wave Massage Music” C.D. and you can get this on Amazon.  Maybe you can play this to relax your patients.

And if you collect stuffed animals, how about a “stuffed brain”!

 Have a safe and peaceful holiday and make sure to give your brain a rest!

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