Friday, February 1, 2013

Abstracts needed on Neurodiagnostic Topics for ASET 2013 Conference in Reno

FAQ’s about ASET abstracts:

Q: What is the value of presenting an abstract at the ASET Annual Conference?
A:  There are many benefits.  First, let’s address the financial benefit:  it gets you free meeting registration for the day on which you present your abstract.  It also looks good on your resume or C.V.  It also gets you officially “published” since the abstracts are printed in the December issue of the ASET Journal which is listed with the medical search engine, PubMed.  You will gain recognition and confidence.

Q: What kind of presentations can I do?
A:  You have a choice of platform or poster presentation.  The platform presentation is a podium presentation and you will have about 25 minutes to explain your topic, leaving a few minutes for questions. For a poster presentation, you will need to present your topic visually on a poster that is 4’X6’.  We ask poster presenters to put their posters up at a specific time, and be present with their posters during poster breaks to explain the poster to attendees who are interested in the topic.

Q: How do I request time or space to present an abstract?
A: There is an abstract application form on the ASET website, please just go to the “meetings” tab + annual conference + abstract and poster presentations + Download 2013 Abstract Application.  Please also note that you can access tips on how to do prepare a poster or podium abstract presentation.
In addition to the application form, you must also submit the 100-200 word synopsis of your abstract subject matter.  This is what will be published in the ASET Journal and printed in the final program for the annual conference.

Q:  When will I find out if my abstract is accepted? 
A:  The deadline for abstract submission is March 15th.  The 2013 Program Committee will review all abstract applications soon after that date.  Within a month of the deadline I will contact everyone who submitted an abstract.  I will schedule a time for each podium abstract presentation at that time, and will include that in my notice to you.  You do not have to prepare a handout for an abstract, or submit the slides in advance.

Please consider submitting an abstract!  If you have any questions, please contact me directly at

See you in Reno!

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