Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Affordable Neurodiagnostic Continuing Education! Lower prices for ASET webinars for 2015!

Wow!  Where did the time go?  I intended to update my blog sooner but the holidays got in the way this year!  We have a new year and new beginnings!  I am starting to work on the ASET spring seminar in Hartford, CT (April 19 & 19) and the 2015 ASET Annual Conference program, for Weston, FL, July 30-Aug. 1st.  I will soon be seeking speakers so do not hesitate to contact me if you have a presentation in mind!   Also, abstract applications have a March 15 deadline!
I am pleased to announce that there is a new, lower price for the ASET webinars!  We have reduced the price to $25 for ASET members and $40 for non-members!  This makes an hour-long educational session affordable!

The ASET webinars are an excellent way to obtain CEUs on specific topics of interest to you!  It is also a great resource for learning more about a skill that will help you in your everyday job.  If you find that you are going to be doing a new procedure and you would like a tutorial to help you understand more about the theory and practice involved, you can likely find a webinar on that topic!  We have over 125 recorded webinars to choose from!   To browse through the topics available, click here:  download ASET Distance Education Products order form

In addition, we have a fantastic line up of speakers and presentations in our 2015 live webinar calendar!  We are starting off the new year with one of my all-time favorite speakers, Dr. Nikesh Ardeshna!  Dr. Ardeshna must have his own fan club at our annual conferences, since his presentations always draw the largest crowd!  He has a special way of getting everyone involved in the discussion, and his high regard for technologists shines through whenever he gives a talk.  On January 21, he will present the webinar topic:  “The EEG in Coma”.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this virtual session!  If you can participate in the “live” event, you can ask questions and “chat” with the speaker at the end of the lecture. 

   Our last webinar of 2015 will be an extended webinar, “Continuous EEG in the NICU”.  This session will include a comprehensive overview of important concepts when working with cEEG for the neonate:  best practices for set-up and recording, preventing skin breakdown, typical patterns and their significance, appropriate utilization and case studies, and more!   To view the full list of the ASET 2015 webinar series, please use this link:  ASET 2015 webinar series

Please note that we have a special price for those who subscribe to all seven webinars for the year!
Some facts about the ASET webinars:
1)      When you participate live, you will be awarded ASET CEUs by signing the attendance roster we provide.  There is no need to take a quiz to obtain the CEUs.
2)      If you have paid for the live event, but find that you are unable to dial-in because of your work schedule, you will be given access to the recorded version.  You will then need to take the short quiz as proof of participation after you listen to the recording, in order to get your CEUs.
3)      All recorded CEUs have a matching quiz that can be purchased for CEUs.  The price is $15 for ASET members and $30 for non-members.
4)      Once you have purchased a webinar, you may archive it to your computer for future use.  This is a convenient way to build a library of educational lectures for you and your staff.

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