Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Neurodiagnostic Christmas and are you due to recertify an ABRET credential at the end of 2015?

I have to start this post with a picture of our black lab, Cooper, checking out his Christmas stocking.  He is counting the days until Christmas, when Santa will fill it with lots of treats!

Well, here it is, the Winter Solstice, the beginning of a holiday week and the end of another year!  Since the ASET offices will be closed extra days for the holiday, including the Thursday, Christmas Eve and Thursday, New Year’s Eve, I thought it would be helpful to provide information about the ABRET credential recertification process in case some technologists have questions over the holidays.  For those whose credential is due for recertification in 2015, the deadline is Dec. 31!  There is a 30 day "grace period" after the December 31st deadline, but there will be a $100 late fee added to the recertification fee.  If you do not recertify by Jan. 31 you will be required to re-take the exam for your credential!

First and foremost:  It is ABRET that administers the recertification process, not ASET.  We occasionally hear from someone who is searching through our website for a “Recertification” tab.  You won't find it on the ASET website!  All recertification activity is conducted through ABRET, www.abret.org and their office number is 217-726-7980.  Please call ABRET if you have questions about the process.  If you need to know how many CEUs you already have, that is an ASET function.  If you are a member of ASET, your CEU transcript can be viewed from the “welcome” page, when you sign on at www.aset.org, with your user name and password.  If you are not a member of ASET, you can complete a form to request a copy of your ASET CEU transcript from our website at this link:  ASET CEU transcript request form  There is a $25 fee for this service.

There is a credential manager program on the ABRET website, where you can complete recertification process, including documentation of the continuing education hours you have completed.  There is also a recertification fee. 
Here are some helpful resources and links:
To find out how many CEUs you need to recertify, based on the credential earned and the year it was awarded:  How many CEUs do I need to recertify?
To find out what kind of education and topics are acceptable: Acceptable continuing education
The ABRET credential Manager Program:   ABRET credential manager
And to read about the credential manager program, ASET published a “tech tips” article on how to complete the accreditation process, please look up the "Tech Tips" article from the Dec. 2014 ASET Newsletter.
My office will be closed from Dec. 23 to Jan. 4th, so I hope this last bit of information for 2015 is helpful to you!
Happy Holidays to all and Best Wishes for the New Year!  Faye

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