Friday, May 18, 2012

How can I improve ASET’s educational opportunities for you?

I really need to know what you like about ASET’s educational resources, and what you would like us to change.  What can we add to make education more pertinent to you?  How can we make our educational resources more accessible?   At the Mid-year ASET Board of Trustees meeting, a very astute facilitator spoke of association members as “owners”, just as stock holders “own” a company.  So, in that role, what instructions would you give to me to improve our “products”?  I will listen to your opinions and requests and try to incorporate as much as possible into future ASET educational initiatives. 

ASET Education encompasses many areas of interest and methods of delivery:

  •         ASET Annual Conference – Special Lectures, Courses, Abstracts
  •         Spring and Fall Seminar Courses
  •         On-Line Courses
  •         Webinars
  •         Publications
  •         Support of Formal Education Programs
  •         Connections with other associations: ACNS, AES, CoA-NDT, and many others
We have just posted a member satisfaction survey on the ASET home page.  Please take a few moments and fill out the survey.  I had the opportunity to compose questions related to education and it will really mean a great deal to me, if you can tell me more about what you want from ASET.  You make a difference in your patients’ lives and I want to make a difference in yours!
Here is the link to the survey:

Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide us with feedback!

 Fantastic Neuro-Voyage Mission Clue # 2:
The Fantastic Neuro-Voyage team is having trouble navigating against the flow of blood as they are nearing the heart.  Flow from the heart is too strong for the nuclear engines to overcome.  They have sent a message to the support team of scientists and physicians about what can be done to overcome the powerful force of the blood flow against the small size of their vessel.


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