Thursday, May 3, 2012

Incredible Imagery of the Brain

No, it is not a Mohawk hair-do!  It is the latest imagery that helps us understand brain structure and function!  This NPR article shows the connecting pathways within the brain.  Just look at the corpus callosum!  How did they do that?  It is so exciting to be in a field related to neurology.  I have never tired of looking at EEGs, thinking about how fascinating it is to view brain function on a daily basis. And in the 21st Century, we have rapid technological advances, which will improve the way in which we can capture images of the brain at work.  To view or listen to the full NPR piece, follow this link for the article “Your Brain is Like Manhattan.”
At the ASET 2012 Annual Conference in St. Paul, we will feature educational events on another high-tech brain imagery process:  MEG, or Magnetoencephalography.  In addition to scientific platform presentation about the use of MEG to evaluate post-resection seizures, there will be a Sundown Seminar on MEG utilization and technology.  There are over 40 MEG machines in the United States now, and it is a growing and valid diagnostic tool.  If you work in a comprehensive epilepsy center, chances are that sometime in the future, a MEG will be coming to your institution.  EEG technologists who want to work in an advanced role and do something new and challenging should attend this workshop and find out more about it.  Electrodes must be applied for these studies, so who better than neurodiagnostic technologists to work in MEG departments!

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