Monday, May 13, 2013

Neurodiagnostic Learning Adventure – Alternate Reality Game

This is the third year that ASET has designed and implemented an “Alternate Reality Game”, or ARG.  This is a new trend in interactive internet use by multiple players and we are thrilled to be “on the cutting edge” of cyber-learning by offering this game for our members.  We hope it will engage our younger technologists who are very familiar with internet games and I encourage members of my “older” generation to give it a try as well.  You will feel “hip” and trendy.  Players who complete the entire game will receive an ASET ACE credit.  The clues will be revealed every 3 to 4 weeks, and will send you to research an educational destination on the internet, such as an ASET Journal or newsletter article, or a website that has something interesting about neurodiagnostics.  When you log on and answer the question after following the clue, you participation is documented.  If you get through all the clues, you will receive the ACE credit at the end of the game.
I hope that many of you are fans of Dr. Who, because this year’s game is built on this classic cult show.  Players will join Dr. “Neuro-Who” as he enters his time machine the “Nervis” (Neuro Event Re-Visitation Space-Time Continuum).  You will travel with Dr. Neuro-Who to destinations in the past and the future of neurodiagnostics, and visit distant destinations in our current time, where innovative research in neurological medicine is being conducted.

To sign up for the game, please use this link:   or go to our website, and shop for the ARG in our on-line store.

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