Thursday, June 27, 2013

Who’s Who in Neurodiagnostics: Serving as ASET Annual Conference Faculty

I have just composed a “Faculty Profile” page for the 2013 ASET Annual Conference in Reno, NV.  It was not until I could visualize a complete list of our faculty with all of the information about their expertise and experience that I saw the true impact of the information on this list.  This list reads like a “Who’s Who in Neurodiagnostics for sure!

It made me very proud to be a part of ASET and to know how many really dedicated and smart people are out there who are willing to put time and effort into coming to the ASET Annual Conference to give a presentation.

Here is  a link to the Faculty Profiles on our website, and when you read through it, please look at where each speaker hails from.         None of these speakers are from the Reno area.  It is especially impressive when you understand that ASET does not cover travel expenses for course faculty! So all of these physicians and technologists are flying into Reno and staying at their own expense to help us deliver the highest quality education we can provide for our colleagues.  I am sure that you will agree we have lined up some fantastic speakers!

How do we select faculty?
For the annual conference, the first step is the selection of course directors.  I rely on these subject matter experts to help me determine what topics are really pertinent in each area of interest.  Once we decide what topics we would like to offer in each course, we seek the right experts to deliver the presentations.  Sometimes a course director has heard a fantastic lecture at another meeting, and often they are able to recruit physicians from their own facility to give a talk.

There are usually some “perennial favorites” who serve as faculty often, and who always get rave reviews from the audience.  But, I like to mix things up, and give a “first-time” speaker a chance.  I have found some great talent this way.  Often these folks have spoken at regional meetings and have gained the confidence to speak at a national conference.

For some, public speaking is a difficult challenge.  I have found over the years, that with each speaking engagement, the anxiety lessens and it gets easier after a while.  If you would like to serve as ASET faculty please contact me.  I will be booking our 2014 seminars and annual conference faculty as soon as this year’s annual conference is over. 

I also suggest that if you would like to acclimate to speaking for ASET, giving a short abstract presentation is the ideal way to build your skills and confidence.  The abstracts are shorter, more focused presentations, and do not require handouts.  We will be accepting abstracts for our 2014 annual conference next year, in Asheville, NC before the end of this year.   Please check the ASET website for updates.

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